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A Lower Camp cabin made up for inspection
An Upper Camp bed

Essential to the daily routine for all campers is Cabin Inspection. Each day after breakfast and lunch all boys are required to return to their cabins for a general cleanup. All cabins must be swept clean, all beds made properly with ‘hospital corners’, all personal belongings organized, and all cabin lights turned off. Camp is given about 20 minutes to complete the morning cleaning activities before the commencement of the first period activity. Because the washrooms are communal, cabins rotate cleaning them each week. Sometimes in order to standout from the competition, a cabin may choose a theme or gimmick to decorate the cabin with to impress the inspector.

At some point during the morning activities, the inspector (a designated counselor, usually the Head Counselor) will make the rounds to examine each cabin and give a cleanliness rating to each boy’s personal space on a scale of 1-4. If a camper gets all 4's his whole time at camp then at the badge ceremony he will get a prize of a knife if it was seven weeks of all fours or a compass if it was one session of all fours.

At the end of each day when the entire camp congregates before dinner for the lowering of the flag, the cleanest cabin is announced as the Best Cabin along with the Super Camper and the Best Bed of the day. Being chosen as the winning cabin is a prestigious moment during the day, and winning usually means that cabin's counselor will grant the cabin's campers more privileges like more flashlight time after lights out. A new system was introduced in 2008 in which there are standings maintained of all of the cabins throughout the year. With this system one cabin comes out as the best cabin of the entire session and that cabin gets a special prize.