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Nicolas Wells Musciano, aka the Italian Stallion, Musc, is one of Birch Rock's most dedicated counselors. With his ever present smile and strong circle of old friends, it wouldn't be a stretch to call Nick Birch Rock's Friendliest Counselor. With only a few exceptions, Nick has been at Birch Rock every summer since 1998. In 2018, Nick is slated to be Head Counselor.

Nick found Birch Rock through one of his fathers's patients, Eli Hutchins. Some of Nick's earliest memories of Birch Rock are of counselor Thomas Joyce, who helped Nick out of homesickness and gave him his famous nickname. Thomas was known for calling "Nick, the Italian Stallion, MUSIAAAAANO!!!" at whatever chance he had except, in a moment of self restraint, when he subbed in for Nick's math teacher in his hometown of Falmouth, Maine. Another of Nick's mentors was Matt Downs who was field director for several years while Nick was a camper. Besides the field activities Nick also enjoyed Campcraft.

Some of Nick's favorite moments as a camper were the Prince of Biroca skit and the late night party in the grove that followed a showing of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He has vivid memories of Birch Rock trips like Mahoosucs, Goose Eye, and the hardest, Moose River.

Table of Summers

Year Cabin session/role counselor/CIT/co-counselor
1998 Cabin 1 Matt Sutherland
1999 Cabin 2 Jamie Grantham
2000 Cabin 3 Brad Corbin
2001 Cabin 6 Kwan Lee
2002 Eagle's Nest Lenza Latendresse/Philip Kindelbacher (CIT)
2003 Pete's Palace Josh Pincus
2004 Pete's Erik Joelsson
2005 Cabin 7 CIT Dave Barrette
2006 Cabin 3
2007 missed
2008 Eagle's with Sean O'Toole
2009 Eagle's
2010 Eagle's/Buzzard's 2nd session with Alasdair Thornton
2011 Cabin 4 CIT Ben Foley
2012 Cabin 4 CIT Brandyn Robida
2013 Owl's Perch With co-counselor Bob Donahue
2014 MWA
2015 missed
2016 missed
2017 Lion's Den Taught Nature and Field
2018 New Cabin Head Counselor
2020 Head Counselor