Pete's Palace

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Pete's Palace in 2003

Pete's Palace is a cabin in Upper Camp for the oldest campers at camp, the Senior Campers. It was built in 1982 in honor of Peter Haas, a counselor who died in a helicopter crash. Originally it was a cabin for CITs and is still where the CIT plaques are put up. The cabin has a screened in porch where the counselor sleeps and a main room for the campers. It is the second newest cabin at camp, Owl's Perch was built after it.

The first group of CITs to occupy Pete's Palace were required to work on construction of the building during camp in 1982. Heading the construction effort was Omar Moxie, a resident of East Waterford and one of the men who helped Chief Brewster build the original camp facilities in the mid-1920's. Pete's Palace was Omar's last major construction project prior to his death a few years later.

Pete's Palace construction from the pages of the 1983 Brochure

The first group of CITs moved into the new cabin approximately two weeks after camp started. Until then, they were placed in different cabins to sleep and their belongings were stored in the Lower Shop, which used to be located under the Lodge.

During the summer of 1990, a few of the senior campers (Jared Levine, Jesse Barnes, Jonas Mikolayunas) let slip a secret about the cabin that is still in debate today. The secret that Pete's has a cavern under it that houses the Pete's Palace arcade. Those who have lived there have said without a doubt that there is an arcade but all have sworn never to show the campers where the entrance to this rare treat can be found. The entrance is believed to be under a tree stump or something near the cabin but no one has found it, that we know of and the Pete's guys are not talking.