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Senior Campers 2003

The senior campers are the oldest campers on campus. Most of these young men were Birch Rockers for many summers and are now in their final season as a camper.

The senior camper year is an important one for a few reasons. As a senior camper one has to decide if he wants to continue his camp journey from camper into the staff ranks. The senior camper program focuses a little more on leadership around camp. These guys are used to give tours or to help guide the younger campers.

Most senior campers want to move into the staff ranks and will strive to have a strong summer so they can earn a chance to apply for the Counselor-In-Training camper program. In order to do this they have to show growth and maturity, leadership around camp especially with the young and new campers, have more of a voice around camp, and try to always be helpful.

Senior camper year is also the year a camper would swim his Whale and get any badges he still wants to earn. Senior campers usually occupy Pete's Palace, but when there are too many to fit in one cabin some might stay in Owl's Perch or Cabin 8.