Cabin 2

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Cabin 2, also known as Hornet's Nest, is the fourth cabin in Lower Camp. It is part of the lowest age group. It usually holds four campers, a counselor, and a CIT. Something that makes it unique from other lower camp cabins is that it has two paintings of Disney characters on the wall. The cabin is located near the bike shed so the counselor in it is often the mountain biking counselor. Cabin 2 goes on trips and has cabin night with Cabin 1.

In 1989, Cabin 2 had the ping pong table in it with one bed made into a couch. It was a great place for the campers in Cabins 1 & 3, the only cabins open in Lower Camp (besides Hilton), to go during rest period.

The two paintings were touched up by Art Instructor Kashan Sing in the early 2000s.