Cabin 6

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Cabin 6, also known as Chipmunk Hole, is the 8th cabin in Lower Camp. It holds four campers, a counselor, and sometimes a CIT. The campers in it are in the second age group.

The prize of Cabin 6 sits outside Cabin 6. There is a large rock that sits right next to the door leading into the Chipmunk Hole. This rock has been used as one of the jails for Cross-Camp Capture the Flag games for many summers.

In 1985, then cabin counselor John Mason would step out on that large rock every morning after the first bell and hollar, "Wrrrrrong!", as loud as he could, one of his campers Peter Wright was often called Wrong. Peter was one of those heavy sleepers, so John initially would do it as a way to wake him up but it grew popular. The boys in Cabins 6 through 8 would look forward to John's rooster call every morning. Sometimes John would even hold his fingers up to form a "W" on his forehead.