Cabin 8

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Cabin 8 in 2003 (the old Boat House can be seen as well)

Cabin 8 is the last cabin in Lower Camp. It is usually occupied by the oldest campers in lower camp but it sometimes holds senior campers where there are too many for just Pete's Palace to hold. In fact, it was built as the original Senior Camper cabin before Pete's Palace was turned into the cabin for them. It is the closest cabin to the waterfront so the counselor in Cabin 8 is usually the Waterfront Director. Something that distinguishes the cabin from the rest of the cabins in lower camp is that it has a porch on the side of it facing the water. The porch was added by two senior campers as part of a season-long project in 1993.

One of the enduring features of Cabin 8 used to be the large white pine tree that was located approximately 10 feet outside the front of the cabin. Because of the long walk to the lower wash house, the tree was affectionately dubbed "pee tree" and was used accordingly. Pee tree, perhaps because of its years of use as an ad hoc latrine, developed an alarming lean that threatened to fell it directly on Cabin 8. "Pee Tree's Revenge" was a growing concern until the tree was taken down in the 1990's.

In the 1980's campers in Cabin 8 teamed up with fellow campers from Cabin 7 to create a miniature golf course that ran parallel to and then across the small brook that flows down the hill past the two cabins and into Lake McWain.