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In the table below you can see how to link to different places on Birocapedia and elsewhere.

Description You type You get
Link to a page on Birocapedia [[Main Page]] Main Page
Link to a category on Birocapedia [[:Category:Activities]] Category:Activities
Link to a page on Birocapedia with different text [[Main Page|different text]] different text
Link to a section of an article (with different text) [[2002 Daily Journal#Saturday, June 29|June 29, 2002]] June 29, 2002
Redirect link #REDIRECT[[William "Chief" Brewster]] see page Chief Brewster
Link to a different site
Link to a different site with different text [ Birch Rock] Birch Rock
Link to a different site, unnamed [] [1]
Link to media uploaded on Birocapedia [[Media:Loonbadge.jpg]] Media:Loonbadge.jpg
Link to the description page of media uploaded on Birocapedia [[:Image:Loonbadge.jpg]] Image:Loonbadge.jpg