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Cleanup outside Hilton

Hilton A and B are the first two cabins in Lower Camp but are in the same building. Hilton A houses the youngest campers in camp, usually ages 7-8. Hilton B holds slightly older kids from age 9-10. Because of the large range of ages in Hilton it is possible for a camper to stay in Hilton for up to his first four years at camp.

There was a shuffleboard painted on the hall floor next to Hilton B, on rainy days with the lodge as the only indoor program building for many summers, Hilton was used for the shuffleboard rainy day activity. This helped clear a little congestion in the lodge. The painted shuffleboard was removed when the floors were redone in 2004 by Janice Walker and Ryan Massey.

This is the only camper cabin with a bathroom built in, no walking to the wash house, thus the name Hilton. Campers who live in Hilton are often called Hiltonites. Hilton A and B have Cabin Night together and go on their trip to Crooked River together. It is the only camper cabin on campus with an asymmetrical roof.