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mine is

harry my dad has his ranger but i dont think it is the same i think it might have just been the trip ranger but he has it and he should it to me.

- Ben, it's a different Ranger, Dickie has that one also. I liked the name and you know I am always digging up the past to use it.


Harry, not really sure how to use "User Talk" - This thing is awesome. Great work. I'll try to add history where I can - Ron Mattson. P.S. - The Biroca Blast probably does say "Bequeaths." It said "Bequests" in the '90s. "Bequeath" is a verb, "bequest" is a noun. So you're right, but the Blast is wrong!

Boat House article

Harry: I hope you had a great Christmas vacation and your school year is going well. The weather down here is nice, although it has been down into the 50s and 60s for the last week or so. I do not miss the snow right now.

I cannot remember what year the new boat house was dedicated. I think it was 2004, but you might want to check it and correct the article. T

Background and such

Harry, I love the birch background. It's a keeper. I've added a bunch of stuff over the last two days and will try to continue to add. Also, I'm spreading the word in hopes that others write and add pictures. I'm going to try to get guys who were around BRC for 10 years or more to start doing their own pages so we have that piece of history. I will track down Thomas and get him to beef his page up a bit. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Mike M

I second the motion! -Ryno

Deneault Spelling

Hey Harry,

Mike & Phyllis' last name is spelled Deneaults, I think I've edited it all but I can't figure out how to change the actual article title for Deneault's Den. Can you please adjust the spelling for me? Thanks, Mike M

Uncle Tom's

Harry, Please delete the UncleToms40s.jpg. Doug and I figured out that that is the interior of Buzzards, Rich had it mislabeled. The good news is I found a great picture of the outside of Uncle Tom's from 1958 and loaded it, check it out because it's the coolest. Also, I reloaded the pic you're going to delete as Buzzards 40s. Thankd for the help, sorry for the mistake. Mike M

Nat looking for instruction

Hi Harry, Here is part 3, the final episode of this escapade. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to post it so if you'd like to do so for me, and move the others around also, that would be fine. I also made a color xerox copy on paper of two photos of Sparkplug. Should I send them to you? They are pretty amusing! I don't know much about scanning. I'm better with an ax and a compass...

Thanks, Nat

Part 3: Back at camp, Sparkplug was having as much fun as the campers and even liked swimming. We had many more adventures and by closing day, Sparkplug weighed almost as much as I did. We got him back to Lancaster and sold him for $50 to Frank, the farmer at Cat Bow Farm because I couldn’t take him back to Dartmouth! During the end of November, I learned that Sparkplug had become part of Thanksgiving. I was grateful for the memories!

We never did get him up a mountain and that was probably a good thing. I would not have wanted to carry him off a peak. I did that with one camper who twisted his ankle just below the summit of Adams in the Presidential Range. The fellow weighed about 90 lbs without his backpack. It was a long afternoon with him on my back as we descended. Another hiker we met volunteered to call BRC since he’d reach the trail head before our group would. I can’t recall if Don Miguel whom I knew only as Mike Apicelli or Steve Scribner - both wonderful fellows, were with me on that climb. All went well and Chief was waiting for us at the road. I fell asleep from exhaustion on the drive back to BRC. The ankle healed well. Thanks to those summers at BRC, I qualified for the New England 4000 Footer Club.

One of the best trips was summiting the Bigelows and viewing the Flagstaff Lakes to the north. We hit the peak at the peak of the blueberry season and since the weather was perfect, we didn’t bother setting up tents but lay out our sleeping bags sinking into the dense ground cover just below the summit and barely below the evening breeze which crossed just above our bodies, hidden amongst the blueberries. It was snuggly and the stars were beautiful.

The next morning, I awoke, turned my head, and closed my mouth on a cluster of blueberries. We scrambled out of our bags and picked so many berries for breakfast that the pancakes wouldn’t flap - too wet, too blueberry!

Now I’m after the fifty-four 14,000'ers in Colorado with four to go. If you take a wrong turn or if that farmer picks you up, we’ve room for all BRockers, so come join us! Nat & Silence Weeks 303-403-8382, 11627 W. 74th Way, Arvada, CO 80005