Buzzard's Roost

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Buzzard's Roost sign 2 zoom.JPG

Buzzard's Roost is the most Northeast cabin in Upper Camp. It is also one of the oldest cabins in camp. It is usually inhabited by 8 campers who are about 13 years old and two counselors.

Sometime in the late 80s-early '90s, the campers in Buzzards built the Buzzard's Roost Observation Deck. They placed an old cabin deck or catwalk up on the stone wall behind Buzzards. It over looked the Sanderson's old cow pasture and down towards the Seal Rock section of Lake McWain. The one or two campers would go sit on the deck in the sun and read or just as a time out place away from the cabin. Eventually the decking rotted away and the deck fell apart. The little path leading from the cabin to the stone wall where the deck was is still somewhat intact.

"The Roost" as it is sometimes called, has a reputation for being tucked back in the far corner of upper camp so it feels more private.