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Upper Camp: Owl's, upper wash house, Buzzard's, Eagle's
The upper wash house in March 2009

Upper Camp is the older half of camp, located on the opposite side of campus from Lower Camp. While Lower Camp cabins hold four campers, a counselor, and usually a CIT, Upper Camp cabins hold eight campers (or more) and two counselors. For this reason Upper Camp cabin life is a new experience for veteran campers. Upper Campers also enjoy a somewhat later bedtime than Lower Campers.

Random Upper Camp Facts

In 1983, Upper Camp, which was just Eagle's and Buzzard's, had a massive toga party involving bug juice and sweets, but more importantly music and good times.

There is a "Upper Camp Quad" with a fire pit and wooden seats (usually birch stumps) located in the middle between Owl's, Buzzard's, and Eagle's. This area was constructed in 2000 by the Art program when it was run by Ryno. This quad is now the primary location for Cabin Night.

Owl's Perch is the newest cabin in Upper Camp, Eagle's Nest is the oldest cabin, and Uncle Tom's Cabin no longer exists but was in the location of Pete's Palace and is almost completely forgotten about.

Upper Camp is considered the more defensible location for Cross Camp Capture the Flag because the flag's starting location is uphill in the Upper Camp Quad.

A checker board was carved into the very large stump downhill of Owl's in 2000 by Thomas Joyce; the tree that stood there can be seen in old photos of Upper Camp.

Sound from Pete's Palace echoes off the Tennis Court directly to the lodge, producing strange sounds.

Oddly, the Upper Camp wash house has much smaller toilet stalls that the Lower Camp wash house.

List of Upper Camp Cabins

Third Age Group

Fourth Age Group