Owl's Perch

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Owl's Perch in it's first season 2000

Owl's Perch is the newest camper cabin at Birch Rock. It is the third cabin in Upper Camp, before Pete's Palace and after Buzzard's Roost. Owl's is also the biggest camper cabin at camp; it can hold up to 11 campers with two counselors.

Owl's in the off season, 2009

Owl's Perch was built in 2000 by Tim Poland and his crew. Mike Mattson had mentioned to then Board Member Peter Herzig that he thought the cabin needed to be given a bird name to go with Eagle's Nest and Buzzard's Roost. Mike had suggested the Owl but could not figure out the right second word. It was Peter who quickly suggested Perch and it stuck.

The first summer Head Counselor Thomas Joyce was in the cabin with 8 campers. It was a spacious cabin that summer with a large chair or two.