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A true sailor

Erik Joelsson has been a member of the Birch Rock community since 1999. Erik has been primarily seen down at the boating area for many summers and is the captain of our sailing fleet. He has also been training the camp's lifeguards for the last few summers.

Life Before Birch Rock

Being Swedish born, Erik had no concept of summer camp until he met the Weaz aka Mark Sutherland in fifth grade in Wayne, Pennsylvania. After several years of convincing, the Weaz finally got Erik to come to Birch Rock in 1999.

Camper Year: 1999

Erik arrived at camp the day before opening day in 1999. The staff were all finishing up Orientation week with a staff soccer game on the hill. As they played, Erik and his friend Mark Sutherland (the guy who recruited him) arrived from the airport. Upon rolling out of Mike Mattson's pick up on top of the hill and schooling Dave Jenkins in staff soccer game, Erik was forever endeared to Birch Rock and vice versa. He spent the rest of his only camper year soaking up as much of Birch Rock as possible.

Counselor-in-Training Year: 2000

Erik entered his second year at Birch Rock as a CIT under the fruitful tutelage of Dave Jenkins as CIT Director with fellow CIT's Nate Wetzel and Pete Callanan. He focused mainly on soccer on the field and sailing on the waterfront. He gained cabin experience in two cabins that summer, Cabin 6 in the first half and Eagle's Nest during the second half of the summer.

Staff Years: 2001-2013

Entering the most recent decade Erik moved into the staff ranks and began with splitting his time between the field and the waterfront teaching soccer and sailing. After several years on staff he moved exclusively to the waterfront to focus on the boating area and managing the new boat house. In 2007 he took over the Waterfront Director position from Carl "The Captain" Finnson. He can still be seen cruising the waters of Lake McWain in the Boston Whaler keeping all the campers safe on the waterfront.

Summers of 2014-2017

After 7 summers as the camp's Waterfront Director, it was time for a change. Erik has always had the mind of a puzzler. He loves crosswords and other puzzle games. After a couple years helping Ryan Massey and Mike Davis with the camp program, it was obvious that Erik's mind was meant for the Program Director position. Erik has a great ability to look at the needs for the upcoming day an fill in the holes like a puzzle. He knows how to strategically use the staff he has to work with for the good of the camp program each day, an excellent Program Director.

Erik is not only our Program Director, he also trains our lifeguards and manages our American Camp Association standards. At this point, Erik is doing more and more often season work and has become a strong third man to Mike and Rich.

Erik's Summers at the Rock

Enjoying a windy day
Indiana Joelsson and the Temple of Doom 2007
Year Cabin Role Note
1999 Pete's Palace Camper with Counselor Brandon Murray
2000 Cabin 6/ Eagle's Nest CIT Soccer & Sailing
2001 Cabin 2 Counselor Saling & Soccer
2002 Cabin 5 Counselor Sailing, Canoeing & Swimming
2003 Eagle's Nest Counselor Sailing & Soccer
2004 Pete's Palace Counselor Sailing
2005 Pete's Palace Counselor Sailing
2006 Pete's Palace Counselor Sailing
2007 Cabin 8 Waterfront Director Sailing
2008 Cabin 8 Waterfront Director Sailing
2009 Denault's Den Waterfront Director Sailing
2010 Denault's Den Waterfront Director Sailing
2011 Denault's Den Waterfront Director Sailing
2012 Denault's Den Waterfront Director Sailing
2013 Denault's Den Waterfront Director Sailing
2014 Deneault's Den Program Director
2015 Deneault's Den Program Director
2016 Deneault's Den Program Director
2017 Deneault's Den Program Director
2018 New Cabin Program Director