Manner Meister

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Perfect posture is important

Manner Meister was a special kudos at the end of each indoor meal that lasted from the late '80s through late '90s. The idea was at the end of each meal the Head Counselor would go around the room calling on the head of each table. The table head would get up and announce their Manner Meister for the meal and why he was selected. The counselor would often review the reasons that others at the table did not win. This allowed for heavy instructions on manners and table etiquette. It also gave praise to the boys with good manners. The announced Manner Meister would get a star placed next to their name on a chart by the kitchen door. In the late '80s, two campers would compete with each other all season, accumulating numbers of stars way beyond everyone else. These two young lads were Thomas Joyce and Chris Kilburn-Peterson. Thomas would go on to review manners with the camp during his staff years and still does to this day.