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Robert "Bob" Donahue is a die-hard Birch Rock counselor hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Bob has been coming to Birch Rock every summer since 2002. Most recently he has been a counselor in Owl's Perch and teaches kayaking as well as swimming, windsurfing, and archery.

Bob found Birch Rock through his uncle Steve Cogswell, known for being the first person to earn the Ranger in the 1970s. Bob spent his first summer in Cabin 1 with Nordy as his counselor. Bob got an early taste of Birch Rock pranking that summer when then Head Counselor Thomas Joyce shouted from the wake up bell that a girl was on line one for him. For the next four summers Bob believed that she had hung up before he got to the phone.

Bob remembers campus as being less open in those days, with fewer roads and a huge tree in the new grove. As a camper he spent his activity periods at kayaking, which he finds a "challenging and diverse activity," as well as at woodshop designing and building projects. He also has fond memories of sailing with his cousin Chris Cogswell and friend Charlie Silverstein. One of Bob's mentors was Doug Miller, who's first year was also 2002 and who shares an affinity for kayaking. Bob's favorite trips were the Moose River trip led by Dave Jenkins, climbing Mt. Washington by Tuckerman's Ravine on the Presidential Range trip, and MWA, where Bob had the chance to rock climb and traverse the Knife's Edge on Katahdin.

Table of Summers

Year Cabin session/role counselor/CIT/co-counselor
2002 Cabin 1 2nd sesion Robert Nordblom
2003 Cabin 4 2nd session Philip Kindlebacher
2004 Cabin 7 full Carl Finson
2005 Eagle's Nest full Matt Downs & Paul Koepke
2006 Pete's Palace/MWA full Erik Joelsson/Dave Jenkins
2007 Owl's Perch senior camper Ryan Royalty and Matt Clifford
2008 Cabin 6 CIT Brian Kowalski
2009 Cabin 6 Jr. Counselor Chris Rios as CIT
2010 Cabin 6 counselor Conner McLaughlin
2011 Owl's Perch counselor with Will Goduti
2012 Owl's Perch counselor with Zach Lashley