Zach "Pickles" Lynn

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Zach "Pickles" Lynn is one of Birch Rock's brightest counselors. He has been coming to the Rock every summer since 2003 when he was referred by his friend Tuck Richardson, who was in turn referred by his father. He attended the first session that year and returned for the full 7 weeks for his remaining camper years. Zach received the nickname “Pickles” one summer to alleviate the confusion caused by 6 other Zach’s on campus. Pickles' favorite activities are kayaking and tennis and he spends his activity periods instructing both.

Pickles remembers his early camper years fondly as a time without Magic cards, before the new Boat House or Brewster Lodge was build. Such Midnight Phantom pranks from his years include the soccer goal being transplanted to the grove and every trunk in lower camp being stacked at the flagpole. The most significant new tradition at camp for him was the birth of Geronimo in 2004. In those years counselor Mike "Nordy" Nordblom, with his energy and skill at Campfire, was Zach's favorite. As a counselor Pickles has channeled Nordy's spirit with his enervated "Decathlon" announcements and gut-busting campfire roles. Pickles's proudest moments as a camper were swimming his Whale and finishing the "Gauntlet" for the Adv. Kayaking, both during his senior camper year. Some of his most challenging moments were on trips to the Presidential Range and Rangeley Lakes, as well as MWA.

Pickles' first year as a counselor in 2009 was a significant role reversal, but one that he described as "fun, great." He spent that summer in Hilton where he would stay for the next two years. In 2012 he transitioned to Upper Camp, taking on the role of co-counselor in Eagle's Nest.