Alasdair Thornton

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Alasdair Thornton is a long time Birch Rock counselor. His first summer was in 1998 and he hasn't missed a session since. As a counselor Alasdair is a jack of all trades, sometimes filling in as Field Director, Waterfront Director, and Head Counselor in the span of three days. He can always be found on the Baseball diamond, and a Campfire doesn't pass without Big Al taking the stage. In 2012 Alasdair was the co-counselor in Buzzard's Roost.

Alasdair, aka All-State, Alasdair Hayward, Big Al, PAPF, BGA, Deerian found Birch Rock through a magazine. He remembers of those early years a campus without Owl's Perch, where Mike Mattson was head counselor, all field activities took place on Sanderson's side of the wall and no one ever got Campcraft badges. He had many favorite counselors but the ones he looked up to the most were the eccentric, high energy characters. Alasdair's best friends as a camper were Nick Musciano and Sam Deeran. His proudest moment was swimming his Whale, rowed by Galen Arnold and Pearson Jenks. Alasdair's favorite meal at camp is, "Pizza, obviously."