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Backcountry trips to Maine and New Hampshire are an integral part of the summer. Each session, every camper can look forward to going on at least one overnight trip with his cabin. Upper Camp cabins have the privilege of exploring Maine's lakes and rivers in canoes, while Lower Camp cabins usually just do hiking trips. All trips are lead by the Trip Leader.


Location Approximate age level Length
Crooked River Hilton Overnight
Streaked Mountain Hilton 1 day
Overset Pond 1st age group Overnight
Old Speck Mountain Cabin 7 and Cabin 8, Buzzard's Roost 1 night
Mount Bigelow Buzzard's Roost 1 night
Tumbledown Mountain Eagle's Nest 1 night
Baldface 2nd or 3rd age group 2 nights
Saddleback Mountain Buzzard's Roost 2 nights
Flagstaff Lake Eagle's Nest, Buzzard's Roost 2 nights
Rangeley Lakes Senior Campers 3 nights
Presidential Range Senior Campers 3 nights